Week 1 of ORC spring’22

Bonus room makeover

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It’s official. One Room Challenge kicked off today and I’m overly excited to be part of their ten year anniversary event, partnered with Apartment Therapy. It is my second season participating in ORC and have to say, there is much thrill and energy happening during the 8 weeks, that it becomes addictive. This season I’m challenging myself with fully renovating the bonus room adjacent to the kitchen, as well as completing the kitchen project that we never had a chance to finish.

Inspiration Board for Bonus Room

The plan for the bonus room

Turn the room into a moody luxury lounge! How?

  1. Replace the old flooring.
  2. Install new trim and window frame (hopefully).
  3. Pantry update.
  4. Removing part of the wall connected to the kitchen.
  5. Making a coffee station as a natural extension of the kitchen
  6. Reupholstering and bringing in a tufted Ralph Lauren loveseat that I rescued from a curb alert.
  7. Reupholstering two RH chairs that I got same place as the loveseat.
  8. Refinishing a bistro wooden table (don’t have it yet)
  9. Creating a botanical wall art on the wall behind the loveseat.

The plan for the kitchen

  1. Remove two wall cabinets and install floating shelves.
  2. Install back splash (that will be a surprise element since I have a genius upcycle idea that might not work out).
  3. Add shakers style trim to the dark brown doors (not sure yet if I’m doing white oak veneer or painting them).
  4. Build a vent hood to replace the over the stove microwave and do the duck work ( that will be my hubby’s job- it’s questionable).
  5. Install recessed lights ( hubby’s job – questionable).
  6. Add trim and paint the built-ins next to the kitchen island.


Ok. Here we go! I know I can do everything I’ve planned within $700. What’s my secret formula for creating Pinterest worthy spaces on a very friendly budget? I always design around what I already have or things I find on Market Place or my local Buy Nothing Group. I know it’s way easier to just do catalogue shopping, buy the pieces I fall in love with and thousands of dollars later to have my dream space. However the real thrill and challenge for me is actually finding a new purpose to an old vintage piece, marvel the craftsmanship and the many stories it has to tell. Seeing the potential in every form, shape and surface around me and turning it into an unique piece of art, is what stirs my soul.

Here is the sourcing for my ORC spring project:

  1. Using my old kitchen cabinets and doors – Free!
  2. Reupholstering a Ralph Lauren chesterfield loveseat and two RH chairs, I got form a curb alert in my local Buy Nothing group – Free!
  3. Purchased 71 brand new Wolf kitchen doors from a kitchen floor clearance a while back. Still have a lot left – $2 per door!
  4. The flooring we have purchased but never got a chance to install!
  5. Dedicated $250 to fabrics and upholstery materials.
  6. Estimated budget for kitchen doors upgrade and backsplash – $150!!!
  7. Trim, molding, paint, wood, accessories – $300!

If you want to read about what I did in the One Room Challenge last fall again on a $700, you can check out my post here. Follow along to see the progress of the lounge and to learn the story of how I got my existing kitchen (brand new) almost free!!!

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