Home Organization and Declutter

Scandinavian style organized teenage room closet. Open door closet concept with build in shelves and set of drawers. White mixed with pastel vanilla and pink colors.

The philosophy behind keeping our homes organized and clutter-free

We all know the benefits of visually appealing organized and minimalistic space. However there is way much more to home organization than just what we perceive with out 5 senses. Here, I’m going to share my perspective on how cluttered messy spaces affect us on the energy level.

Quote: "The universal language of good energy design starts with the word Declutter."
“The universal language of good energy design starts with the word DECLUTTER.” OMdecor

Everything around us is energy

All objects and surroundings have their own frequency and vibration. The fact that we cannot visually or physically experience these intangible characteristics, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If we embrace the idea that everything in our physical world is interwoven and has its own form of consciousness, it will help us see the deeper connection between a human being and his environment. Everything around us that happens on the energy level affects us directly on the conscious level and manifests into our emotional, mental and physical world. Therefore our (organized) home environment has a big impact on energy and productivity level.

Organized teen room closet featuring a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design elements.
A good and functional closet organization can be the solution to your clutter problems.

Clutter causes a lasting energy freeze in our environment

Clutter disrupts the natural flow of the energy in a space and creates stagnation. That stagnant energy builds up and projects back in our daily life in many different ways. It can cause fatigue, stress, depression, difficulty staying focused, lack of sleep and productivity. When we talk about clutter, we always think of messy unorganized stuff around the house. However clutter can be any unfinished project; broken or not functioning items we are holding on to; stuff cramped in corners, hard drives, files, drawers. When we start organizing our environment and inject some love and care, it reflects the same vibes back to us and we benefit from it long term.

Grey wall shelving built-in unit for home organization.
Adding a wall built-in shelving unit provides additional storage space and it’s good way to keep our spaces well organized.

Everything in the universe is constantly changing and evolving

and so should home organization

So we do as human beings. The same rule applies to our environment and surroundings. Think of your home as a living, breathing partner that needs the same attention and care as every other member of the household. Therefore our spaces should be dynamic and constantly evolving to follow our natural rhythm. If we hold on to things that no longer serve us and we are afraid to let go, we disrupt the natural flow and get stuck. This will manifest later in our lives in a lack of new opportunities, progress and growth. It’s essential to grasp the deeper meaning of clutter and how it manifests in our life. Our spaces are projection of our inner world. Good news is that we can break unproductive mental and emotional patterns by starting to do thing differently in our physical environment.

Quote: "Declutter is an alignment mind-matter practice, that unclogs the stagnant energy in our environments and brings a good flow in our life."
“Declutter is an alignment mind-matter practice, that unclogs the stagnant energy in our environments and brings a good flow in our life.” OMdecor

Our spaces should be regularly revisited and edited to serve our current needs

The best way to do that – turn declutter and organization into a daily alignment and meditation practice. The moment we give our brain a different definition of organization and decluttering, we can make it a fun mindful routine that can help strengthen our emotional, physical and mental home. For most of us it is just another tedious, boring household duty that we easily procrastinate and find gazillion excuses not to do. What if we see it as an energy practice that can transform our life and make a conscious choice to commit to it. Soon enough it will become a good habit that you can proudly add to your productivity list. You can start small with just one drawer or cabinet a week, mindfully go though each item and decide what needs to stay and what has to go. This is also called karma yoga in my yoga world where we perform household duties with awareness as a meditative practice. It’s a really good way to practice awareness, stay present in the moment and develop a good connection with your surroundings.

how adding built-in shelving can improve home organization and keep your space look organized and clutter free.
Built-ins are not only aesthetically appealing but they add ample storage and functionality to any space.

If you want to start a new year by building good habits and if you want declutter and home organization to be one of them. However, if you are feeling lost and do not know where to start I can always be your accountability buddy and help you with the process.