Do you find decorating your home stressful and expensive?

  • You wished someone could just read your mind, find out exactly how you want your home to look & feel like


  • give you the right tools, motivation and guidance from start to finish so you can be able to create a happy home that screams YOU


  • help you avoid making costly mistakes and do everything on your own budget and timeline!!!


You are at the right place, my friend!

Irena Lavchieva portrait

Hi there I'm Irena, your decorating coach.

My life mantra is: “We all live better when we work together, help each other and share positive experiences.”

Welcome to Om Décor

 Discover a new soul-inspired approach to home decorating that blends interior design, mindfulness and teaching. It’s a new path that goes way beyond styling and aesthetics to show you how to connect with your home, establish a conscious relationship with it and start creating your own nurturing haven.  

Home isn't just a place. It's energy, emotion, experience! There is no better person to decorate your home but YOU!

Trough our collaboration you start on a reinventive journey where you learn how to make choices with intention,  decorate with mindfulness and value the transformational experience rather than the End result. Our journey together is deeply rooted in the DIY philosophy – we choose not to be consumers but creators and we try to create lasting positive impact in our lives.

Not sure where to start?

3 ways to help you fall in love with your home

Excited to get fresh ideas on your furniture placement, accessories or color combination. Or may be you are trying to find the best organizing solution for your space.

This is the right place for you.

Ready to infuse your space with more YOU?

…where the main focus is YOU and making your space unique.

You’ll be guided through a step-by-step process from vision to implementation where you learn how to maximize your 

home’s potential, how to approach each design element of the room and get specific instructions how to pull it all together.


If you are new to the decorating game and you need some inspiration, tips and quick wins for your next project. 

Check out my Om Décor blog where you will find my current obsessions, new and fresh décor ideas, DIY tricks and everything in between.

Sharing gratitude...

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