One Room Challenge - Week Eight - The Reveal

Now that we reached the finish line in the One Room Challenge, I’m looking back and thinking: “What an incredible eight week journey! What an experience, what a trill!” So grateful that happy coincidences happen in my life and that by pure chance I embarked on a new challenge that completely shifted my perspective.

2021 was the year of virtual challenges for me

I did a 30 day yoga and wellness challenge, the New World-New You challenge by Tony Robbins and now the One Room Challenge! They were all so different yet they all have one thing in common. Challenges are break throughs. They make you break out of the routine, step out of the comfort zone, stretch you to the limit and show you all that you have the possibility of becoming. Challenges help you maximize your human potential. It’s the decision you make within that you are done snoozing your alarm, that you are going to live each day with more fire and do something you are passionate about.


ORC was the place where my passion for DIY and design met the right audience. I connected to a great community of talented people where we locked arms and shared in the energy, emotion, and joy of a SHARED experience. For me that is the biggest take away from the challenge and I already feel a jackpot winner! As a designer, mom, yoga instructor and human being I value transformational experiences and contributing to something bigger than myself more than any trophy or gold medal!


My master bedroom design was not focused on creating a  trendy Instagram feed but rather making good memories and creating beautiful experiences while having fun decorating  my home. I wanted to show my authentic self and create a space that makes me feel better, live better, perform better and supports my overall wellbeing. 

My favorite part of the project was bringing the fab 5 elements into the picture. My only splurge was the fireplace that I love so much. Both, my husband and I, are fire signs and the fireplace is the most enjoyed feature in the room. 

My beautiful Asian Ming chair was the main source of inspiration for the bedroom design – black, off white and a touch of bronze! 

I was gifted this chair from my local Buy Nothing Group and I really love everything about it. It was originally meant for my master bathroom but it was a bit too big for it. Then the ORC came in the picture and it became the perfect inspirational piece that I designed the whole room around.


I love Eastern architecture, design and traditions. When I spot a beautiful piece of furniture from that part of the world my heart jumps. My other great find were the wood chairs that I turned into night stands. I was dreaming of the day when I’ll paint over the hand carved backrest and accentuate the intricate details. With the vision in my mind and some acrylic paint the magic happened. Now these gorgeous antique chairs take a prominent space in bedroom with added acacia live edge table top made from cutting boards.


Creativity and decorating can be a messy process, not to mention expensive. I’m glad that with my home projects I’ve adopted a formula that never breaks my bank – reuse, recycle, upcycle, hack and DIY. 

This way I have a lot of room of experimenting, a lot of freedom and no pressure. 

I’ll not compromise a good functional design because of budget limitations that’s why I don’t stop brainstorming and searching until I find exactly what I need and my vision is completed. 

The list of things we did in our not so big bedroom turned out pretty long. Thanks to my husband who took this project so much to heart, we finished everything on time. Here is a breakdown of what we did in the room:

  1. DIY shaker style window frame -$35
  2. DIY fireplace accent wall – $350 
  3. DIY barn door – $85
  4. DIY upholstered headboard – $65
  5. Wall built-in shelving storage – $35
  6. Closet doors – $10
  7. Turn two chairs into side tables – $86
  8. Install leftover trim and molding  
  9. Purchase fabrics, textiles, accent pillows – $50
  10. Wall Sconces set of matte black and bronze lamps – 57$


It was not easy but we managed to fulfill our wish list on the budget were projected.  Less than 1k for such a long list is actually pretty impressive. 


This last week of ORC is also very emotional for me on a personal level because Nov 18th happens to be the birthday of my first born baby girl. She is turning 14 now and my love cup is full. I get to celebrate two big milestones on the same day. Tears of joy, gratitude, fulfillment with a pinch of sadness that the challenge had to come to an end and now I have the time to relax, reflect and enjoy everyone’s reveals. Thank you team ORC and their media partner Better Homes and Gardens for allowing me to be part of this incredible journey.

I shall see you again in spring!!



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