An Interior is the natural projection of the soul.


Om Décor

What is Om Decor all about?

OM décor is not about following latest trends and designing Pinterest worthy spaces. It is about learning how to create a home that makes you live better, feel better, perform better, and have richer and fuller experience. It’s about building a solid foundation that supports our overall wellbeing, brings families together and lets you enjoy a happier and healthier life.


Best way to do that – become the creator of your home!

Welcome, friend!

I am opening the door to my personal virtual home to you and everyone else who want to come in, get comfortable, chat with me, and start on a journey of discovering home decor together.


I know exactly how you feel when it comes home design nowadays with all the TV shows, magazines, Pinterest. We get overwhelmed with choices, we start to compare and feel unsatisfied with our home wishing it could be trendier and more different. But that is just the surface, friend.


Once you get clear on the real purpose of your home you will start making intentional choices and shift your focus on what makes you feel good, what elevates your mood, and what brings joy to you and your loved ones.


As a designer, mom, yoga teacher and human being I value transformational experiences and contributing to something bigger than myself.

So let’s focus here on making good memories and creating beautiful experiences while having fun decorating our homes. And since we are working from the comfort of our homes Kids+ Dogs are always welcome!

I would love to tell you that home decorating will come to you like magic. It rarely does. Creativity can be a messy process, not to mention expensive. But there is a solution. Décor coaching! When you have a caring pro holding your hand through the process you will learn a lot about home design and yourself. Needless to mention it will help you avoid very costly mistakes.

And remember friend: Always have fun, bring family and learn by doing! 

Everything is an experience and you should make it the best you can at home!


So, let’s not wait for the right moment – grab the moment NOW!

Xo-xo Irena

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