One Room Challenge - Week Two

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First two weeks of the project will be strictly focused on carefully selecting the key elements that will go in my master bedroom project.  When it comes to my home I try to work not only on the aesthetics part of design but also on energy level. After more than 15 years invested in working with mind, body & energy in my yoga and meditation practices, my spiritual philosophy supports the great minds of Einstein and Tesla that “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.”

That is why I treat my home as a living, breathing partner that requires as much love, care and attention as every single one of us.

To further personalize the space I’ve embraced the DIY philosophy as a way to connect deeper to all pieces I’m bringing in, awaken their consciousness and make the room alive. When I put my heart and soul into the project, involve all family members as collaborators and make the process of crafting home together very enjoyable, it emanates that positive energy back and we all absorb it daily. My mission is to DIY almost everything in the bedroom, keep it simple and spend minimum budget by reusing and upscaling some furniture pieces. A lot of work ahead but in the end it all pays off. The higher the vibration around us, the better we perform in life. 

So here are the five elements I’ll be incorporating in the design to improve the energy flow in the room and achieve balance and peace:

 AIR – The air element is said to represent life, purity and harmony. I’ll be incorporating the air element by making the only window in the room look visually bigger and unobstructed to allow the light and air flow through. Also by adding green plants and air purifier as a physical representation of fresh and clean air. Now that the new shaker style window trim is done I’ll be moving to the next step.

WATER – The water element represents the flow in your life. Instead of adding a water feature in the room, I’ll be bringing the water element in by adding mirrors on the closet doors as a big

reflective surface to get more light and movement in the room. Like water, mirrors reflect and redirect the flow of the room.

FIRE – The fire element is said to represent  regeneration and purification. The most straightforward way to bring it in is making an accent wall with an incorporated electric fireplace.

EARTH – This element represents strength, power and stability. To bring it in the room, I’ll start by choosing a neutral and earthy color palette. Also I’ll be adding a rare find of two raw unpainted solid wood chairs, that I’ll stain to bring out the natural tones and turn them into nightstands. 

ENERGY – I’ll be incorporating a big energy symbol in the design by making  a large upholstered headboard in the shape of the spiral maze symbol to stimulate our growth, creativity and personal development. Energy symbols have healing power and are a very good addition to any room we spend a long time in.


This week I’ll pick all the earthy colors for some of the  elements I’m adding in the room. 

Also I’ll start working on the barn door that will separate the bedroom and the master bathroom. I already have an old regular interior door that we recently purchased from the marketplace for $10 but it needs a few tweaks and paint to serve the purpose of a barn door. 

 Never done a barn door before so I’m a little nervous how my beginner’s luck will work out this time. 

Stay tuned for more details!


Love and light,





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