One Room Challenge - Accepted!!!

And just like that I signed up for the One Room Challenge to get myself inspired and motivated to transform my master bedroom in eight weeks. When I need a little push to jumpstart any project, there is one thing I know that always works best and gives fast results – finding an accountability partner.

The group energy of like minded people always lifts me up, motivates me to perform better and helps me keep the momentum going until I get to the finish line. And at the end it feels more fulfilling when you are able to share your transformational experience with others and hopefully become the force of change and inspiration to many of them.

Back to my neglected master bedroom.

We bought our old town home a bit more than 2 years ago and let’s say we renovated ourselves almost the whole house besides the master bedroom.

Why did we never get to it? Maybe because of the unsuccessful sleep training of our toddler and 6 year old girl that both refuse to learn to sleep on their own. That’s how hubby and I end up sleeping in their room more often than our own bedroom. Let’s say now I’m taking a different approach – approach with intention – let’s fix our bedroom first, make it so nice and cozy that we’ll never have to sleep in the kid’s room again!

That’s it – when none of my old tactics work, the best way to find a solution is to transfer the focus on something else more inspiring so I can access my peak state and start attracting what’s best for me. 

With all said, my eight week design plan becomes pretty ambitious since I’ll be tackling not only the crazy DIY ideas I have in mind but also my kids’ bad sleeping habits.

Here are the design ideas my brilliant mind came up with:

  1. New modern window frame. That’s the only time I’m happy that the house is ancient and there is only one window in our master bedroom.
  2. DIY barn door – first time doing it, so I’m expecting lots of surprises.
  3. Massive DIY upholstered headboard and upholstered bed surround. Haven’t done that but it shouldn’t be difficult since I’ve done many upholstery projects before.
  4. Built-in shelving units for extra storage. Have to make up for the lost closet space that we took for our master bathroom project.
  5. DIY closet doors for the existing closet.
  6. DIY contemporary wall to insert an electric fireplace.
  7. Lights – I need a lot of light in this room! Recessed lighting of some kind which will be for my husband to decide since he is the expert.

Very tempted to add a sky window above the bed but that’s a long shot. First not sure the HOA will approve of that crazy idea. Second we’ll have to open up the ceiling to the attic which probably looks like a menagerie (no Halloween decoration needed there).

Turning this bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary will be quite a challenge. As I said, the project is very ambitious for a “one man show” since I have to make everything from scratch (or most likely hack furniture), film everything, write blog posts and social media posts and take care of my kids (a full time mom).

I’ve done a lot of DIY projects in my life but never took a single picture or video because I thought it was a waste of time and nobody really cares what I do and having the picture in my memory was enough. However 15 years later I came to realize that none of that was about ME. It is about helping others get creative, be inspired, show them how to be proactive, integrate kids in the projects and start crafting their homes together. Now that I see the bigger picture I am ready to film and blog all of my future projects and hopefully I change at least one home/ life for the better!  

 I have no fancy tools, no garage with wood working equipment, no babysitter –  just big imagination and never ending enthusiasm. Always ready to step up my game because I know extraordinary things happen only outside the comfort zone. So I am gladly taking on this exciting challenge and I promise I’ll make the best of it. 

To happiness!!




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