Seven steps to kick off the New Year with positive energy in our home

As we are on the threshold of 2022 and we are working on our personal goals, let’s not forget to put our home as a priority on the list.

We all have a different definition of what home means to us but there is one common truth – home is more than just a place.

Home has its material aspect as well as energy aspect. We are all deeply connected to our surroundings. Spaces are like a sponge. They absorb the vibes and frequency we project into it. With the events that took place in the last year or so, the whole world took a sudden turn to spending more time at home. Optimizing our surroundings to cater to our wellbeing, energetic restoration and overall success, should be a priority for this brand new year.

white neutral living room design with off white love seat in the center and a brown wooden chair with large arched windows in the background

How about we begin 2022 with a little bit of a head start and light up our way for some magnificent things in our forecast. Seven steps how to do that:

1. Clean and order your home - clean home, clean mind.

Entering the New Year with clean and organized house sets the tone for good alignment and balance. When you take care of the world around you, keeping it clean and orderly, we also take care of our inner landscape. If we can’t conquer the whole place at once, the focus should be on the kitchen area as well as master bedroom. The kitchen is the heart of the house and in order for the good energy to flow, we need to keep it well organized and clean. Try to use natural cleaning solutions to keep your home toxins free. Master bedroom is where sleep happens. It is a space for rest and romance, that’s why it has to be kept clean and pure, so it can support our energy restoration and overall well-being. Use essential oils for natural freshness and stimulation of the senses.

“When we clean and order our homes, we are somehow also cleaning and ordering ourselves” Gunilla Norris

2. Allow fresh air and enough daylight to enter your space.

The sun is the only direct source of energy in our life. If we allow the sun and light to enter our space, we directly receive the benefits from it. A space with a lot of daylight immediately gives a good vibe and affects our mood. Also allowing fresh air in your home every morning, brings oxygen in, removes the stagnant energy and we are off to an invigorating start of the day.

3. Walk around your house and make sure there is no furniture blocking the natural flow.

This is a good example of when less is more. Often our furniture placement or too much furniture creates a dis balance and affects the natural energy flow in our home. As you enter any room we should make sure that there is enough open space to move around freely and no obstacles that makes us uncomfortable.

4. Get rid of clutter and make space for new energy.

Clutter is our biggest enemy in energy plane. If you want to progress, break destructive patterns, change belief systems that hold you back, or allow new things to enter your life – get rid of clutter. We get easily attached to things that we hold on to for comfort. However learning to let go of stuff will shift your perspective. This is a practice of non attachment to material objects. Everything in the world is changeable and in continuous transformation. Nothing is permanent. By embracing the idea of change and not holding on to things, we are embracing the constant flux of the universe. We choose progress and growth over trying to keep things fixed. Every time we go against the forces of universe, it causes anxiety, depression and negative emotions.

5. Bring indoor plants and fresh flowers. They have aesthetic purpose and also will enhance your life.

Keeping flowers and plants in our homes increases the levels of positive energy and helps us feel secure and relaxed. Flowers have long-term positive effect on our moods, making us feel less depressed and anxious, bringing us higher sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. House plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. This not only freshens up the air but eliminates harmful toxins. Seeing greenery and nature in our home and workspace has great benefits for our overall mental and physical heath.

house plants

6. Prepare good home made meals.

When we think of home we usually connect with a memory of mom’s home made dishes or a certain scent or taste can send us to a moment back in our childhood. It’s not the food that we eat that nourishes our body but the love and energy the cook imbues into the practice. No wonder the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a sacred space where we prepare the food that nourishes our loved ones and ourselves, where memories are born. In our fast pace modern world, is increasingly common to spend less time in the kitchen and more on the couch. Reclaiming the kitchen as the temple of the home, we are able to view cooking as a mindful practice that keeps family together, keeps our home alive, creates memories and elevates the quality of our lives.

vegetables for soup

7. Embracing DIY as a meditation in motion formula, adds so much life and energy to our surroundings.

Personalizing your home with things that you do with your own hands can have great positive impact on us. When you put our heart and soul into building a piece of furniture or create some kind of artwork ourselves, we project our love and energy into it. It’s essential to have fun with everything we make in our home and imbue it with positivity and joy. Everyone benefits from happy vibes.

DIY also teaches us how to establish deeper personal connection with our home and to appreciate everything inside. Living with things you love is not a simple design strategy, it’s a way of life. After all the best storyteller of your home is YOU!