One Room Challenge - Week 3

Highlights from Week 2 of ORC. 

It’s been a fun week of selecting colors, picking out fabrics, textures for the walls, sourcing and a DIY barn door.  Somehow subconsciously I decided to start with the easy part of the project the first few weeks and leave everything more complex and time consuming towards the end.  

So far, I’ve changed the framing of the only window in our master bedroom and repurposed a salvaged interior door into a barn door. Both projects took less than a week and didn’t involve much labor.  The painting part of any project is my therapeutic quiet time which I tend to enjoy the most. 

Originally my intricate headboard was supposed to be my challenge for week 3 of ORC but somehow half way through the week I’ve changed my mind. Amazon helped a lot w by delivering my electric fireplace a week earlier.  

SO, my new plan for week 3 of ORC is building the framing for the fireplace and using our left-over flooring to cover the front of it in herring bone pattern. The flooring is way darker than what I envision for the wall therefore I’ll have to white wash the planks while preserving the wood pattern. Hubby will be in charge of cutting the planks precisely while I experiment different paint techniques. 

Also, we’ll be adding a narrow shelving unit on the left side of the framing to balance the sticking out wall right next to it.  

Actually, I was planning to leave the DIY fireplace for the last week of the ORC but this past week has been quite rainy and foggy, and that gave me a big push to move faster to visually warm up the space and bring the electric fireplace in. Dressing up the wall across from our bed will be a game changer. That’s usually the first thing we see in the morning when we wake up. The visual image of a beautiful fireplace will be a perfect start of the day, setting up the mood for warmth, love and light.   


There is going to be a surprise element that I’ll start working on this week which will take a prominent place later on in the bedroom.

When I took the challenge, I knew it’s going to be challenging for me not only on a DIY level but also on parenting level too. My 3-year-old girl is still full-time home with me so I have to be creative and come up with ideas how to involve her into everything I do.  

That’s how I usually come up with interesting and original ideas.

Stay tuned for the reveal in the next week blog post.  

Until then I’ll be every day on Instagram sharing my progress and cheering the other ORC participants. I’m so grateful for this wonderful community of creative artists and the organizers of ORC for bringing us together.  

Much love and light, 



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