One Room Challenge - Week Six

We are already so close to the finish line. It’s a little a bittersweet feeling because the anticipation and excitement of the group challenge will soon be over but on the other hand, we’ll finally get to see reveal of all the rooms and all the hard work and efforts of the participants. Click the ORC logo to see everyone’s progress. 

Week six went unexpectedly smoothly. When we have Halloween in the middle of everything of course my schedule and rhythm got disrupted. Thought that I’m totally fallen behind and won’t be able to complete the two wall shelving units on my list.  

Well, I’m always grateful that before any project I make I’m very specific about the timeframe, sustainability, budget and level of difficulty! I follow my only rule: it must be fast, easy, sustainable and budget friendly. When you have already programmed your brain to look for fast, sustainable, easy and budget friendly solutions, that’s the results you get. 

When you make a conscious choice in life that you are here in this world to serve a bigger picture, that all human beings and nature are connected, you intentionally choose to live a sustainable life, work hard to save the environment and become a creator at heart not a consumer. 

The Gray Wolf cabinet doors!

Let me elaborate a little bit on that. I’m on the DIY and yoga/ meditation journey more than 15 years now. I still don’t have big fancy tools, a dedicated workshop or a big house. The real thrill for me is to figure out how to make a space visually appealing as well as energetically charged without spending a lot of money. When the problem-solving begins and I start coming up with great solutions it’s the ultimate ecstasy for me.  

Sometimes it takes a while to materialize the results, other times is just hitting the jackpot. That’s where my meditation skills come handy. You cannot change your external world if you don’t change your internal world first and attract the right opportunities for yourself. 

For week 6 project I scored big. A few weeks ago, I was browsing marketplace and came across a kitchen showroom liquidation. They were selling various sizes of gray Wolf cabinet doors. My hubby is the best negotiator, so he came back home with a trunk full of brand-new cabinet doors and appliance boards.  

All 71 doors and 5 big appliance boards for $150!!! Needless to describe my thrill when I saw this pile of beautiful gray doors in front of my door. Yes, I Do believe in Santa. I do believe in making a wish list, I do believe we attract the right things in our life when we are tuned in the right frequency.  

The shelving unit

That’s why the inner work before any project is as important as the execution of the project. If I’m not specific about budget I would probably end up ordering doors or making them myself. Either way we are talking about a min investment of $500 for both shelving units plus extra time to make them/ order them plus I’m not very sustainable. With this purchase I killed 4 birds with one shot – Easy (didn’t have to make doors), Fast (I had all the necessary components to build the double shelf in no time) and lowest possible price tag (can’t beat that price ever –less than $2 per door+ boards) and sustainability (reusing and repurposing is always the goal). I go to the lumber store or any furniture store only if I cannot find to repurpose some used piece or liquidation piece. Being in the furniture and design industry long enough to know that once or twice a year all show rooms change their inventory and do floor sample sales. That’s when I’m on the hunt for great deals. 

In all, my job in week 6 was to put some framing together for the single door shelving unit and find an Ikea hack to make my life easier. I bought a $20 bookcase that I incorporated in my built ins that had the perfect dimensions. So much simpler for me to hack a piece rather than go to Lowes, ask them to precut the large plywood boards to size because I don’t have a fancy table saw and I’m intimidated to do it on my tiny one.  

Had to put some edging to finish all the shelves, install the doors and knobs and voila – my wall shelving was complete in no time!  

The other exciting part about week six was that I received and installed the wall lights. Coincidence or not I opened the boxes and installed them exactly on the week of Diwali – the Festival of Lights! 

In my world there are no coincidences. We harvest whatever seeds we plant. To be at the right place at the right time is not pure luck. It’s a result of mental and spiritual work. Again, if we do our internal fine tuning, we start to vibrate on that fine frequency, attract better opportunities and manifest the life we want! 

Celebrating the Festival of Lights symbolically was my proof that I’m on the right track of my DIY and spiritual journey. Sometimes we have to read the signs to keep track of our inner progress. There was a change of plan on week4 where I subconsciously decided to leave the lights and my energy headboard for the week of Diwali. There are certain times in the year when there are cosmic openings for our inner work. The times when the universe supports you and gives you a great amount of energy. The universe made sure again I’m not missing out any important cosmic windows. Grateful beyond measure for this unbelievable opportunity.   

I’m continuing my bedroom transformation with the intricate headboard I envision for my wall.

It’s a symbolic representation of continuity in life, growth and strength. I’ll be making the headboard exactly at the time of Diwali so I can use my DIY work as meditation in action. Also, when I’m visually scanning energy symbols, my “antennas” will connect to that particular frequency – Growth!

Everything in our life happens for a reason. It is here either to teach us a lesson or show us the way to fulfil our destiny. The only work we have to do is learn how to use our body and mind to connect to the source and read “between the lines”!

Not easy, I know, but with consistency and daily practice it becomes a habit. The best habit you can ever wish for, I promise!

Happy week 6 everyone!

Sending all my love and light to the ORC team and participants!

Let’s stay connected and move forward!



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