One Room Challenge - Week Seven

Week six of ORC is over and  it is so exciting to see all the rooms of the participants unfolding, almost ready for the big reveal. A lot of anticipation and excitement going on. So grateful to be part of this DIY boot camp and this talented community. I’m learning so many new things by the day. Check out what the others are doing by clicking on the ORC logo above!

Week six for me was all about bringing the Energy Element into the room and doing all the inner preparation ahead of time. 

I’ve decided to do a big upholstered headboard in the shape of the Fibonacci spiral – a sacred element representing new growth and the way to the inner self.

Symbolism has been a part of my journey ever since I started practicing meditation more than 10 years now.

From the very start I’ve been introduced to guided meditations where we would visualize a sacred symbol for a long time and connect to its energy, power and meaning.  

I didn’t know anything about meditating on symbols before therefore as a beginner it was just an easy way to keep my mind focused and control the hundreds of thoughts and questions bombarding my head. 

Like everything else in life, the more we practice the better we become. After a year of mastering symbolism it was already part my system and visualizations became  a way to liberate my mind rather trying hard to stay focused. That’s when I started to really feel its powers. 

Symbols will only reveal their magic if we know how to connect to their vibration. It’s a level of higher consciousness that gives us access to this vibrational language of the Universe. However even scanning the symbol for a few minutes a day without any special meditation, can give a little boost towards accessing higher frequencies and improve our mental and physical health.

When we talk about master bedroom the most important thing for me is the quality of the sleep we are getting. In our sleep the brain accesses directly the subconscious mind where all the magic happens and where my symbolic headboard comes in. The crown of the head which is our cosmic antenna points towards the headboard of the bed and that’s where my big focus in the bedroom is – not the mattress. There is dimension beyond physicality, the dimension of energy. Whatever happens in our energy body is projected into our material world. We can be perfectly happy and healthy with just 4-5 hours of quality sleep. As a sleep deprived mom I am on a mission to crack any formula that will give me enough energy to push trough the very long exhausting days without compromising my immune system and well being. 

The making of the headboard was not easy but totally worth the time and energy we put into it. 

I’m true to my sustainable living approach so until I utilize all the extra materials I have stored in my laundry room, I’m not looking to buy any new. On that note instead of getting a big sheet of plywood and cutting it out into the shape, I decided to use my leftover trim and flooring and make it in 20 separate pieces. Crazy, I know but that’s me. Declutter and repurpose before investing into new materials, renting a truck and buying new tools. The headboard follows a black and white pattern which is also symbolic of the yin and yang, the male and female energies. 

It was a lot of second grade math involved in the project.

I first outlined it on the wall with duct tape to just look at the symbol for a couple of days to grow on me and take exact dimensions before I start cutting the flooring and trim.

I invested $68 in foam and fabric (had a crib mattress that I put into work too) and 30 cuts later my headboard was ready for upholstery and installation. Full step by step video of the process I have on my Pinterest and Instagram account.

I decided on a moody darker color for that wall but since we sleep in the room every night (no extra guest bedroom) I don’t want to tolerate any fumes of fresh paint. My only option was wallpaper. I’m not a big fan of choosing wallpaper online, much rather go in a showroom and see it but there isn’t such thing anywhere close. Instead I bought fabric to dress up the wall. I made a few trips to the fabric store for the upholstery materials so it was just easier and to get it from there and cost me $12 for 2’x16′.

I remember my mom put fabric on the walls in our apartment in Bulgaria during communist times since there was no such thing as luxury wall paper in the stores. And it turned out to be an eye candy. Like mother like daughter, some 30 years later I’m doing the same thing only I’ll not glue it on the wall but just attach it with pins. I hate taking down wall paper.  This way I give myself the privilege to change it anytime I feel like it. 

Btw I’ve done color on my hair only twice in my entire life vs the color of my walls I change almost every season.  

The headboard was installed on two old doors that we attached to the wall. I did my math right so the 22 piece puzzle fell into place flawlessly. I framed the headboard with molding that I spray painted in antique gold. Not so sure yet if I’ll keep that color for the frame but I can always use acrylic paint to touch it up later. 

Getting ready for week seven of ORC. This time I’ll be bringing the Wood element in. 

Love the look of natural raw wood and I’m really excited to tackle this project next. Fingers crossed my idea of turning two chairs into side tables works out better than I expect.

Happy week seven of ORC everyone! 



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