One Room Challenge - Week Five

ORC Week four recap... the Fire element is in.

It’s official. We passed the mid line for ORC which means that the best is soon to come!


Have to say this past week has been different than the weeks before. Until a week ago I was so fired up and focused on executing my projects that at some point I had to pause and remind myself that this is not a competition and I’m missing out the point of the challenge. 


I was finishing the fireplace wall of my master bedroom when I came to realize that we are half way through the challenge and I haven’t even taken a minute to thank the ORC team for organizing such an amazing event, Better Homes & Gardens as their media partner, all the sponsors and last but not least all the talented participants for their support and wonderful comments! These four weeks have been a blessing! Thank You All! 

master bedroom fireplace om decor one room challenge

Week 4 has been a week of celebrating transformation internally as well as externally. It was a week of practicing gratitude, self-love, appreciation and self-reflect! I need the inner work as much as I need the outside expression of myself. I got a little carried away with the thrill of something new and overly exciting happening in my life that I switched gears to fast forward mode trying to get to the finish line fast. It was the over achiever inside me that took over the wheel and carried me through the first 3 weeks on auto pilot. I was born a DIYer so deadlines and managing projects is never an issue. The bigger issue is not to forget myself while running the race. 


That’s why I love challenges! Every time we step out of the ordinary daily routine, we have a chance to discover different horizons, test our limits and learn new lessons. Challenges makes us grow not only intellectually but also as human beings. Building the floating shelf this week really took me 2-3 hours but I spent most of the time mindfully selecting the decoration for it. The fireplace wall is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before I go to sleep.

elements decor one room challenge

The visual presentation of all the objects displayed on the shelves is very important because they send signals to our brain on subconscious level. I styled my shelves with objects that represent five different symbols: 

The Hand represents Blessings and the power of giving 

The Infinity knot represents Unity 

The Heart is the symbol of Love 

The stacked rocks represent Balance 

The Tree of Life symbolizes Growth and being grounded. 

master bedroom fireplace

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 15 years and visualizing symbols or scanning symbols is a very powerful way to connect to the source and awaken higher vibrations. I choose symbols that call to me and resonate with me on a deep level. We all have the tools inside us and the ability to function on a higher frequency. That help us make better choices, create healthy relationships and manifest the life we desire. 


All it takes is being able to pause, live in the present moment and practice self-love and gratitude daily! 


Namaste friends! 

Stay connected! 


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