DIY - a Meditation in Action !

 You might have heard it before but DIY is really addictive. Yes, I confirm it!  A while back I started working on eliminating unhealthy habits from my daily routine (like cigarettes, cut down alcohol, sugar, negative self-talk, being reactive) and replacing them with healthy ones (yoga, meditation, clean organic diet, volunteering, projects etc.). I have to say everything so far had a great positive long-lasting impact on my life but the that really gives me wings and fuels my soul is my DIY projects! It’s my deepest meditation in action. I get into a resourceful state where creativity and ideas just start to pour and everything is possible. This is my state of being limitless and truly connected. The magic with DIY comes from that you start a project from scratch and you see the transformational journey right in front of your eyes, you feel a deep connection with your inner self, your movement, the object you are making and everything births from your own hands. It’s quite a sensory experience! The biggest win of all is that you get to see the results pretty fast and experience great satisfaction and fulfilment.

DIY is my dynamic approach to mindfulness and meditation!

When we talk about meditation what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Sitting meditation posture of some sort or lying down, body still, deep breathing, Zen state!

 However, there are other forms of meditation that do not require you to separate yourself from your daily activities at all. This is called meditation in action/ motion!

What is meditation?  – a training of the mind where we raise our awareness and attention. The focus can been on an object, thought or activity.

We train the mind the same way we train our body. The mind is our brain muscle. First we have to develop a daily mindfulness routine, be consistent for at least 3-4 weeks to build muscle memory and then with repetition it becomes a habit. Mindfulness can be practiced at all times during the day while doing any kind of activity- preparing a meal, playing with your kids, cleaning the house.

Meditation in Action is  practicing being present in the moment. As we raise our awareness and observe our body  with increasing sensitivity, we get connected to its movement and body language, which gives us great insights and resets our mind.

 Practicing mindfulness and concentrative awareness daily is the ground of mind training that brings wakefulness into our life and influences all we do at other times.

Embracing DIY as a mindfulness practice may look intimidating and challenging in the beginning. However it’s a matter of perspective. If you look at it as way to channel your thoughts and energy as well as  an exercise routine nothing is really difficult. It’s just a matter of consistency and repetition to build a new habit and make it stick. 



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